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Get CD Reviewed - Music reviews Our Professional Music Media Journalist will Review Your CD Release -- In Detail !

As an independent artist you may realize the competition among musicians and bands to get their new CD release reviewed by significant music media outlets and portals.  Although it can be difficult, music reviews of your work are an extremely powerful  and essential method of creating awareness for your project, while expanding your fan base and traffic to your websites -- seriously increasing your music publicity and music promotion efforts.  Use your comprehensive music review for enhancing your music press kit and online presence -- It's ready made for distribution to the media.
We can totally eliminate the frustration of sending packages out - only to be denied a CD review by professionally reviewing your new CD release and properly formatting with multi media enhancements and search engine optimizing it in order to generate traffic to your project. 
RSS, distribution, and syndication services are also available at an additional charge by quote. 

Our Comprehensive CD Music Reviews are Powerful !


Sample CD Review ...
Genre:  Hip Hop

music reviews cd reviews - Get your CD reviewed
Yung Godz

"Self Titled"    

Goodfellaz Records, LLC

J. Bondz and R. Sin aka “Yung Godz” hold nothing back on this self titled debut full length CD.   It brings the kind of excitement and street smart mentality that you crave from an artist, especially if you happen to have a soul for hip hop.  It’s not often an album like this, in a genre like this, can so definitively define the grind and hustle of the streetz in such a melodic flowing way, “Yung Godz” does not disappoint in that area for sure.    

Wasting no time and darting out of the gate with the On Fire track “Million Dollar Men”, produced by Big Boy, this cut is an awesome introduction track, driving home the “Yung Godz” Message from the streetz of Brooklyn; telling it like it is and what is to come on the remainder of this one of a kind album.  This track is directly followed by the high energy blast “Letz Get It” produced by famed hip hop producer “Genius Boy” -  Another musically high anxiety track telling it like it is.

The heart of the streetz of New York are portrayed in consummate depth
in the track “New York New York” produced by LA producer Ty Steez.  The ramifications of the grind and hustle of the streetz is easy to perceive in the track “When the Smoke Clearz” produced by HeavyWeightBeatz

Yung Godz elegantly presents a juggernaut of taste and depth, with varying layers of flow, and tempos throughout this excellent record.  Listeners can easily discern this in the capricious track produced by Heartmakerz, “Believe in Me” which obviously flows from the heart of this exciting duo. This record is at once both upbeat and introspective. Drawing on personal experiences.

As if the first 15 cuts on this fanciful album were not enough to take the hip hop lover on a journey of extreme musical gratification and euphoria, this record winds down with the 16th and final epic track “Don’t Let Go” produced by Young Dru, which essentially describes in their own words the gruesome state of the music industry today.  What a way to end it!


Here in this CD, J. Bondz and R. Sin demonstrate what can only be described as the quintessence of hip hop as it should be – totally emulating the core and soul of that which lives within hip hop.  In this debut effort, they bring it in such a way that it genuinely puts the focus on what “Hip Hop Music should really sound like”

Here is a full length CD that rocks the soul, and uplifts the spirit within the listener while still offering a synopsis of life on the streetz.  This is the record that is totally contagious, and the one you always crave after the first listen.  This is the genius of New York’s “Yung Godz”

Reviewed By Ken Cavalier
Allure Media Entertainment

Track Listing


2. Letz Get It

3. Triumph

4. Can I live

5. Situationz

6. Can’t  Break Free  

7. When the Smoke Clear

8. Here We Go

9. New York New York

10. Wat u See

11. The Movement

12. So Cold

13. Believe in Me

14. Welcome

15. Blessed

16. Don’t Let Go

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