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David Ivory


• RIAA Gold Record award for “Things Fall Apart” The Roots
• RIAA Gold Record award for “Love and Fear” Syleen Johnson
• Grammy nomination for best “Hip Hop Album of the Year” The Roots
• Grammy Awards Certificate for Engineer “Best Duo Performance”
• RIAA Triple Platinum Record award for “Babuism” Erykah Badu
• Grammy Award for best “R&B Album of the year” Erykah Badu
• RIAA Gold Record Award “Gems” Patti Labelle
• Ampex Golden Reel Award for “Gems” Patti Labelle
• 1989 “Best Studio of the Year” Philadelphia Music Alliance


There was a time when record labels committed themselves more seriously to developing the careers of their recording artists. There was more money changing hands and more time to accomplish the desired result.

Today it is much harder to find a record label committed to this goal. When a major or Indie label signs a new artist or band, they presume the act has sufficient musical, songwriting, and performance talent, and are ready for the big time. The results of such assumptions are the predominantly mediocre recordings of the modern era.

Enter David Ivory. Ivory believes and has proven that today’s songs can be what they were during the golden era of recording, the mid seventies to late eighties. Over the years David Ivory has worked with some of music's biggest names in the process encouraging some of their finest work while touching upon a variety of genres. His passion, the overall development of his artists and their music, remains the same.

While focusing on songwriting, arrangement, and live performance, along with the record making process, Ivory inspires passion in his artists and provides them with the full package for success at a fraction of the price of a major studio in New York or Los Angeles. He runs a production company that offers all the benefits of a major studio in a quiet setting where the artist/band can focus on the music.

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